Vegan Raspberry Fudge Cake


This quick and easy hot fudge cake produces its own rich chocolate sauce as it bakes. Top with a tart homemade raspberry sauce for extra decadence. You won’t believe it’s vegan!


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Homemade Pink Lemonade + 3 Ways w/Lemon Peels + Lemon Fun Facts

Homemade Pink Lemonade 3

My new beau is a big fan of lemons so I threw this together with a free bag from the local grocery. Throw in some sliced strawberries for a pretty in pink version. The juicing takes a lot of time┬ábut fresh lemon juice really is best! You won’t regret the extra time. On top of that, no part of the lemon will be wasted. I have included three ways to use up the peels here: lemon extract, lemon pepper and lemon sugar.

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Vegan Pumpkin Spice Salted Caramel Swirl ‘Ice Cream’ + History of Veganism

Pumpkin Spice Salted Caramel Swirl Ice Cream  2

Happy National Ice Cream month! July really is the perfect time for ice cream but the 3rd Sunday in July is even more perfect. National Ice Cream Day is coming up on the 17th. Make sure you are prepared by stocking up on homemade and/or store bought ice cream.

But, SweetJ, my strict diet doesn’t allow for ice cream! Nonsense! There is always room for ice cream. This recipe will satisfy your sweet tooth while sticking any kind of diet. Vegan, vegetarian, dairy-free, gluten-free, low fat… I’ve got you covered! A quick freezer pumpkin spice base (no machine needed) plus a coconut oil-based salted caramel sauce and a sprinkle of sea salt.

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Blueberry Pancake Donut Sandwich + 15 More Jazzed Donuts


Have you ever wondered what to do with that sad plain glazed donut left in the box? You could just eat but are all those empty calories best spent on a plain donut tasting mainly of oil? I think not. Read on for ways to jazz up those stragglers using Nutella, ice cream, bacon, cheese and more!

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Vegan Chocolate Martini Float + Features for National Chocolate Ice Cream Day

Vegan Chocolate Martini Float 1

Happy National Chocolate Ice Cream Day! Drop a scoop of ice cream into a creamy chocolate martini for this celebratory ice cream float. And – because I believe everyone should be able to celebrate this important day – this recipe is entirely dairy-free and vegan-friendly. (So it’s not technically ice cream but work with me here!)

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PB Oatmeal Cookie Bites (Vegan)

PB Oatmeal Cookie Bites

These quick, guiltless no bakes are the best cookie for dessert, snacking or even breakfast. Peanut butter, oats, dried fruit, nuts and cinnamon. All the yummy parts of the cookie with none of the fuss of baking and added sugar or fats.

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Layered Pink Sherbet Blueberry Pie Smoothie

This cutesy smoothie will make you happy about a healthy breakfast. A bottom layer of fruity pink ‘sherbet’ topped with a blueberry pie-inspired fruit smoothie.

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