Carrot Cake Muffins with Light Cream Cheese Frosting


These nutrient-loaded, sweetly-frosted ‘muffins’ are the perfect excuse to have dessert for breakfast. Apple chunks, shredded carrot and whole wheat flour help you start your day off right. The sweetened Greek yogurt and cream cheese frosting tastes like a treat while still offering some low fat protein. Customize your muffins with optional add-ins like pineapple, coconut, nuts or chocolate chips.carrot-cake-muffins-with-light-cream-cheese-frosting-1

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Spicy Almond Tea Cake

Spicy Almond Tea Cake 7

This cake is deceptively fancy. The batter itself can be whipped up in a few minutes. Almond extract, chai tea and Chinese five spice powder give it a unique flavor. Applesauce, egg whites and whole wheat make this a cake you don’t have to feel so guilty about.

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