Reese’s Lovers Cereal Treats


This Rice Krispies treat riff is perfect for the Reese’s lover in your life. Chocolatey, peanut buttery Reese’s Puffs cereal plus peanut butter and cocoa marshmallows plus chunks of Reese’s Cups.

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Life’s Like a Box of Chocolates Brownies + History of the Heart-Shaped Box

Lifes Like a Box of Chocolate Brownies 1

Mama always said life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.

Sorry, I couldn’t resist. But, in fitting with Mama Gump’s saying… each of these rich, dark chocolate brownies contains a different surprise filling! How is this possible without spending all day in the kitchen? A box of assorted chocolates of course! Simply layer the filled chocolates between two layers of extra-chocolatey Nutella and cocoa brownie batter.Lifes Like a Box of Chocolate Brownies 5

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Airy PB Bread with Homemade Reese’s Spread

Airy PB Bread with Homemade Reese's Spread 5

This fun bread machine recipe uses puffed rice cereal to achieve a pleasantly air bubbly texture. A subtle peanut butter flavor means this isn’t your typical loaf! Serve with a homemade chocolate peanut butter spread and your favor jam or use for lunchmeat sandwiches.

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Mini Krispie Monster Cookies + Recipe History

Mini Krispie Monster Cookies 4

These tiny, colorful cookies are a riff on a typical monster cookie recipe. While the regular cookie uses oats for texture, this version uses Rice Krispies cereal. I’ve used the traditional peanut butter add-in but mini M+Ms instead of full size. Read on for the recipe and the story of the original monster cookies!

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PB Oatmeal Cookie Bites (Vegan)

PB Oatmeal Cookie Bites

These quick, guiltless no bakes are the best cookie for dessert, snacking or even breakfast. Peanut butter, oats, dried fruit, nuts and cinnamon. All the yummy parts of the cookie with none of the fuss of baking and added sugar or fats.

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Buckeye Crunch Bars + Buckeye History

Buckeye Crunch Bars 3

I whipped up these quick no bake bars to use up some leftover Easter candy. Crunch bars and Reese’s Pieces Eggs plus just three other ingredients make for a crispy, chocolatey, peanut buttery treat perfect for Easter or several days after. Plus, read on for the elusive story of buckeye candy and some yummy related recipe features.

Buckeye Crunch Bars 5

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Butterfinger PB Bars + History of Butterfinger

Butterfinger PB Bars 8

Not only are these yummy peanut butter blondies topped with chocolatey chunks of Butterfingers, they are also filled with them. These treats are a gift for one of my coworkers who will be leaving CVS this week to focus on her full time job and the care of her elderly father. We will miss you, Tiffani! She’s constantly buying Butterfinger and Reese’s candy from me when we work together so I developed this recipe specially for her.

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