Funfetti Cookies n Cream Fudge


This rich, colorful fudge will take you only minutes to throw together. Sprinkles, Oreos and white chocolate… what more could you want? Perfect for a unique birthday treat or just for eating on any old day.

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Naughty n Nice Wonka Factory Milkshake Martini

Naughty n Nice Wonka Factory Milkshake Martini

With the weather warming up, some are worrying about swimsuit season. I say why bother? It’s more like high time to be thinking about ice cream. This over-the-top boozy milkshake combines basically anything you could ever want or need in a dessert into one two-faced drink. On one side cake batter ice cream meets jelly beans, Starburst, white chocolate, sprinkles and some crazy fruity rainbow candy cane. On the other, chocolate hazelnut gelato mixes with vodka, truffles, Oreos, hot cocoa and mini chocolate chips. Dear God, what have I done? Enjoy them separately or all buddy-buddy.

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Mini Cookie Chip Cookies + Nabisco History


So I saw these little plastic to-go cups of some classic store cookie brands and had the most amazing idea… Cookies inside cookies. It’s like the Inception of cookies! This traditional chewy chocolate chip cookie recipe is loaded with crumbs and chunks of Chips Ahoy, Oreo and Nutter Butter cookies. You have to try this!

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Red Velvet Oreo Truffle Brownies + #NationalOreoCookieDay!

Red Velvet Oreo Truffle Brownies

National Oreo Cookie Day is coming up on March 6th! Get ahead of the game and go shopping for the ingredients for these over-the-top brownies. Red velvet and cream cheese Oreo cookies and truffle-filled Hershey kisses are sandwiched between two layers of ultra-rich and chocolatey red velvet brownie batter. Press your extra truffle kisses into the top of the baked brownies for a well of extra chocolate deliciousness inside each brownie square!

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Cookies ‘n Cream Pop Tart Angel Whoopie Pies + History of Cookies ‘n Cream

Cookies n Cream Angel Whoopie Pies 8

These clouds of cookies ‘n cream deliciousness are mostly made for you! You’ll just need a boxed angel food cake mix, instant Oreo pudding and an 8-count package of cookies ‘n cream Pop Tarts. Plus a ton of butter for that to-die-for frosting.

Cookies n Cream Angel Whoopie Pies 1

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