Lemon Lover’s Cupcakes for Two

Lemon Lovers Cupcakes for Two (1)

This recipe is perfect for when you want an over-the-top lemoncentric dessert… but just a little bit of it. Bright cupcakes flavored with lemon extract, zest and juice filled with creamy lemon curd, topped with rich cream cheese frosting and tangy candied lemon slices. But only 3 of them. (Ingredients measurements are also included for a full batch of 12 cupcakes.)

Lemon Lovers Cupcakes for Two (2)

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All Dem Apples Crumb Cakes

Apple Crumb Cakes 3 

For me, fall is the best season for baking. I love fall flavors! Cinnamon, pecans, pumpkin and, the ingredient highlighted here, apples. Apples are great for baking anytime because they are easy to find, versatile and relatively cheap for fresh produce. Typically, you should be able to find some variety of single apples for 99 cents a pound at your local grocery. You can also buy the big bag and save even more.

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