Reese’s Lovers Cereal Treats


This Rice Krispies treat riff is perfect for the Reese’s lover in your life. Chocolatey, peanut buttery Reese’s Puffs cereal plus peanut butter and cocoa marshmallows plus chunks of Reese’s Cups.

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Ultimate Pumpkin Spice Brownies


Yet another best of both worlds dessert recipe, today’s post starts with a fudgy Nutella and dark chocolate brownie base and ends with a fluffy pumpkin spice cream cheese topping. A handful of toffee and milk chocolate candies are sandwiched in between for good measure.

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Nutella Chip Cookie Sandwiches + 12 More Nutella Recipes


Nutella is quite possibly my favorite chocolatey thing in the world. I’ve used it in a few recipes on the blog but, let’s be honest, it’s just plain awesome by itself. This recipe is yet another ode to Nutella. Chocolate chip cookies flavored with Nutella plus more Nutella sandwiched between them. Yum! Since we’ve already done a brief history of Nutella, this post will carry on the theme with @##$$ other delicious recipes using Nutella.

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Turtle Mocha and Donuts Pudding + History of Bread Pudding


This bread pudding riff combines all the delicious probably-shouldn’t-be-for-breakfast-but-are-foods… pecans, chocolate chips, espresso, donuts and caramel and chocolate sauces. …No, I’m pretty sure caramel and chocolate sauces are intended to be eaten at breakfast. Anyway, on the off-chance that you ever have leftover donuts, this is an excellent way to use them up. Already rich and decadent donut and espresso pudding with a turtle filling, topped with hot fudge and an espresso-infused caramel sauce… Yum… This caffeine and sugar-laden pudding is perfect served warm on a weekend morning spent in bed. Read on for the recipe and a brief history of bread pudding!


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Vegan Chocolate Martini Float + Features for National Chocolate Ice Cream Day

Vegan Chocolate Martini Float 1

Happy National Chocolate Ice Cream Day! Drop a scoop of ice cream into a creamy chocolate martini for this celebratory ice cream float. And – because I believe everyone should be able to celebrate this important day – this recipe is entirely dairy-free and vegan-friendly. (So it’s not technically ice cream but work with me here!)

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Red Velvet Oreo Truffle Brownies + #NationalOreoCookieDay!

Red Velvet Oreo Truffle Brownies

National Oreo Cookie Day is coming up on March 6th! Get ahead of the game and go shopping for the ingredients for these over-the-top brownies. Red velvet and cream cheese Oreo cookies and truffle-filled Hershey kisses are sandwiched between two layers of ultra-rich and chocolatey red velvet brownie batter. Press your extra truffle kisses into the top of the baked brownies for a well of extra chocolate deliciousness inside each brownie square!

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Cocoa Shea Rough Patch Butter

cocoa shea body butter

I made a lighter shea lotion earlier in the week. While this blend is a great daily lotion, I prefer to use a heavier body butter all over at least once a week. I also get patches of dryness and eczema that I prefer to use a heavy butter on, instead of harsh cortisone creams. This mix fits the bill!

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