Lemon Lover’s Cupcakes for Two

Lemon Lovers Cupcakes for Two (1)

This recipe is perfect for when you want an over-the-top lemoncentric dessert… but just a little bit of it. Bright cupcakes flavored with lemon extract, zest and juice filled with creamy lemon curd, topped with rich cream cheese frosting and tangy candied lemon slices. But only 3 of them. (Ingredients measurements are also included for a full batch of 12 cupcakes.)

Lemon Lovers Cupcakes for Two (2)

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Vegan Raspberry Fudge Cake


This quick and easy hot fudge cake produces its own rich chocolate sauce as it bakes. Top with a tart homemade raspberry sauce for extra decadence. You won’t believe it’s vegan!


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Light No Bake Cheesecake + 4th of July History

Red White Blue Light No Bake Cheesecake (5)

We must be free not because we claim freedom, but because we practice it.

-William Faulkner

Happy 4th of July/American Independence Day! This year, I’m celebrating in a bikini season-approved healthy(ish) no bake cheesecake. A blend of Greek yogurt and cream cheese make for a slightly lower fat version of this creamy treat with an added punch of protein. Coconut oil replaces butter in the graham cracker crust and the topping is all fruit. Read on for the recipe and some historical info about the holiday.

Red White Blue Light No Bake Cheesecake (1)

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Funfetti Jelly Bean Cake with White Fudge Frosting + Happy Birthday to Me!

Funfetti Jelly Bean Cake

This adorable, colorful cake was made in celebration of my 27th birthday. Since I’m now well past the age to be concerned with my girlish figure, this cake is also rich and decadent. Two funfetti cake layers wrap a raspberry cheesecake filling in a celebratory hug. The white fudge frosting contains a whole pound of butter so you know it’s to die for. (Warning: You may actually die from consuming this much butter in one sitting.) Topped with my favorite candy, Starburst jelly beans, there’s not much more I could ask for on my old lady day! Plus use up leftover ingredients for some yummy peanut butter chocolate chip cookie sandwiches.

Funfetti Jelly Bean Cake (18)

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Casey’s Diary Bday Cake + Graduation + Bonus Recipe

Caseys Diary Bday Cake

I made this just unnecessarily over-the-top cake to celebrate my little sister’s 21st birthday. It includes all of her favorite things. 3 layers of yellow cake with chocolate chip cookie dough and Twix cheesecake in the middle, all covered in chocolate ganache and other goodies. It’s a significant time investment but I’ve included several make-ahead tips in the recipe below. And the time invested is totally worth it for this big day! My family also celebrated some other events this weekend including Derby Day, Mother’s Day and my graduation from college. This fantastic cake suited all of our needs.

Caseys Diary Birthday Cake 18

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Devil’s Smile Nutella Bundt Cake + Lucifer

Devil's Smile Nutella Cake 6

What do you desire more than anything else in this life? Chocolate. More chocolate. All the chocolate. And world peace. In that order. This is probably the least appropriate recipe title and discussion topic for an Easter-related post but this is my blog and I do what I want. I’ve been obsessed with new Fox Monday night show, Lucifer. He’s all about fulfilling your deepest, darkest desires and this cake definitely does that. There is an obvious connection here.

This all-the-chocolate bundt cake is a riff of my mother’s go-to party cake, a triple chocolate bundt cake made with chocolate cake mix, chocolate pudding mix, a bag of mini chocolate chips and not much else. I’ve created a from-scratch version because, while I had no cake mix in my milk crate pantry, I did have flour, sugar and cocoa. I also added Nutella and Greek yogurt (Surprise health!) for extra richness. Top with more Nutella and chocolate treats for a strong all-the-chocolate finish. This recipe got the stamp of approval from my grandparents who are familiar with my mom’s chocolate cake and all other manner of sweets!

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Matcha White Chocolate Cake Pops: Mold vs. Traditional Method

Matcha and White Chocolate Cake Pops 9

Second post of Green Week! If you hadn’t realized it yet, I’m obsessed with the flavor of matcha. Of course, I had to do a matcha recipe for St. Patrick’s Day. Matcha cake paired with matcha-tinted white chocolate and, of course, sprinkles is an excellent way to celebrate the holiday. Turn it into cake pops makes it an easy-to-handle-while-partying treat. This recipe includes two methods: one using a silicone cake pop mold and one using a muffin tin. If you’ve been considering purchasing a cake pop mold, read this first to make an educated purchasing decision!

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