Mint Chocolate Sno-Caps Cookies + Sno-Caps History

Mint Chocolate SnoCaps Cookies 1

Sno-Caps were always my favorite candy as a kid (Yes, I know they are just chocolate chips with sprinkles on them…) but I remember thinking they were so hard to find outside of a movie theater. Luckily, we carry them at the CVS where I work so I was able to buy some for these cookies! These cookies use not only regular Sno-Caps but also a similar candy with a minty flavor and fun pastel colors. Add some peppermint extract and you have mint chocolate chip cookies, a fun take on an old classic.

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Two-Faced Cake Batter Fudge + Fudge History + Chemistry + 10 Other Insane Fudge Recipes

Two Faced Cake Batter Fudge

This insane fudge recipe is easier to accomplish than its many layers may lead you to believe. With just a few ingredients you can create this delicious, Wonka-esque confection. Jelly beans on the bottom, topped with a funfetti and white chocolate fudge layer, topped with a Devil’s food chocolate fudge layer plus pretzels and sea salt to keep things from getting too sweet. Start at once side and chew your way to the top or enjoy all the many yummy and surprisingly cohesive flavors at once.

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Mini Krispie Monster Cookies + Recipe History

Mini Krispie Monster Cookies 4

These tiny, colorful cookies are a riff on a typical monster cookie recipe. While the regular cookie uses oats for texture, this version uses Rice Krispies cereal. I’ve used the traditional peanut butter add-in but mini M+Ms instead of full size. Read on for the recipe and the story of the original monster cookies!

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Liebster Award Nomination

Agatha Chocolats has kindly nominated me for the 2016 Liebster Award. I’ve been following her blog for a few months now. It is an unexpected but fun mix of chocolate-related information, murder mysteries and cutesy GIFs. As a fellow chocolate and murder enthusiast… mystery enthusiast… it made perfect sense to add her to my reader! One of my favorite parts is her regular Thursday 13 recipe feature. They include posts like 13 Surprise Cakes and 13 Turtle Recipes. Yum! Agatha also offers her own ‘Bite-Sized Mysteries‘ for the sleuth-inclined. Quick and mysterious exercises that you can try to solve on your own. In Mark Your Calendar for Murder, Agatha alerts us of official and unofficial food holidays with related mystery books. For example, Harper Lin’s ‘Margaritas, Marzipan and Murder’ for Margarita Day! Her other lucky nominees can be viewed here.


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Naughty n Nice Wonka Factory Milkshake Martini

Naughty n Nice Wonka Factory Milkshake Martini

With the weather warming up, some are worrying about swimsuit season. I say why bother? It’s more like high time to be thinking about ice cream. This over-the-top boozy milkshake combines basically anything you could ever want or need in a dessert into one two-faced drink. On one side cake batter ice cream meets jelly beans, Starburst, white chocolate, sprinkles and some crazy fruity rainbow candy cane. On the other, chocolate hazelnut gelato mixes with vodka, truffles, Oreos, hot cocoa and mini chocolate chips. Dear God, what have I done? Enjoy them separately or all buddy-buddy.

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Birthday Frosting Cookie Dough Bites

Birthday Frosting Cookie Dough Bites  8

Easy, colorful treat made with funfetti frosting and crumbled frosting-filled chocolate chip cookies rolled in sprinkles and mini chocolate chips.

Birthday Frosting Cookie Dough Bites 1

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Lazy Girl’s Guide to Staying Healthy w/a Sweet Tooth


Let’s be real right now. It’s not even about the time commitment required to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It’s the effort. Why does it require some? Khloe Kardashian eliminated all dairy from her diet and lost 40 pounds in under a year… Whatever. All the celebrities ever are doing high-intensity workouts to prepare for their next big thing…. Good for them. Anne Hathaway’s on some kind of not a vegan anymore diet… Did Anne Hathaway even need to be on a diet? What is this? So how do all of us unimpressed little people not die of a heart attack at some point without losing our damn minds? Read on for some tips to maintaining a healthy mind and body in the face of absolutely no motivation to do anything ever.

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