Sponged Nail Polish + 31 Other DIY Dye-Free Easter Eggs


I decorated some eggs for Chai and I this year but I didn’t feel like messing with the dye tablets and mugs and wire devices and all of that nonsense. We decorated our eggs by marbling them with nail polish. As you can see, we have an insane amount of nail polish! Read on for how we beautified our eggs and for 31 other ways to paint, cover and otherwise decorate your Easter eggs without dye!

We used pinks, purples and metallics for our eggs but you could use whatever you like. Cover your work surface with newspaper or something similar. Line up all the nail polish bottles you’ll be using and unscrew the tops. Have some nail polish remover, warm water and paper towels nearby in case of mess. Splotch each shade of polish onto your hard-boiled egg, rotating the egg as you go to ensure even coverage.

Once you’ve applied all your colors, gently pat the shell with a sponge or paper towel to create a marbled look. Place the eggs in an egg carton and allow them to dry. I used the nail polish-covered paper towel to sponge the lighter eggs pictured in the front row here. This will save you some polish!

Nail Polish Easter Eggs 8

And you’re done!

Nail Polish Easter Eggs 10

I recommend nail polish remover and a body scrub to make your hands look less like you just thumb-wrestled a supernatural being.

And now for other methods, in case the nail polish eggs are not for you.


diy-marbled-indigo-easter-eggs-4 Marbled Nail Polish from Alice and Lois

Crystal-Eggs-Easter-Science-Borax-Crystals--660x660 Crystallized from Little Bins for Little Hands

Tattooed-Easter-Eggs-in-Nest-tutorial-BoulderLocavore.com- Temporary Tattoos from Boulder Locavore

5b-640x339 Melted Crayon from Jenna Burger

Natural-Dyed-Eggs-9 Naturals from Just Short of Crazy

Egg-Group Natural Stencils from Big Sis Lil Sis

Imageblog Sharpie Stencil from Cutesy Crafts

135-37941-07-1368277424 Sharpie Doodles from Mom.Me

shaving-cream-dyed-easter-eggs Shaving Cream and Food Coloring from Crafty Morning

ourbestbites-floral-egg-200x300 Silk Tie-Dyed from Our Best Bites


2009 03 25_5611_edited-1 Fabric Covered from V & Co.

Egg Twine and Lace from My Desert Cottage

IMG_9549_bunny Gold Leaf Shapes from Sugar and Charm

embellished-easter-eggs-new-mainGlitter, Beads and Sequins from Two Sisters Crafting

7 Napkin and Book Page Decoupage from Sew for Soul

Foiled_Flower_Elegant_Eggs_DIY Gold Foil and Paper Flower Covered from Lia Griffith

superhero-easter-eggs-horizontal Superhero Suits from Create Craft Love

huevos-de-Pascua-IMG_02031 Napkin Covered from La Receta de la Felicidad

Moss-Covered-Easter-Eggs1 Moss Covered from Cherished Bliss

P10188671 Pressed Flowers from The Magic Onions

Glitter-Easter-Eggs3 Glitter from The Girl Inspired

washi2 Washi Tape from Lovely Indeed

Easter-Egg-Pinatas1 Crepe Paper from Oh Happy Day

tissue dye eggs Tissue Paper Decoupage from Aunt Peaches


egy 90 Glow from Growing a Jeweled Rose

owl-painted-easter-eggs-in-a-nest-square-2 Owls from Adventure in a Box

003-galaxy-easter-eggs-dreamalittlebigger Galaxy from Dream a Little Bigger

5601184189_1f29368f08_o Watercolor from Alisa Burke

watercolorpansieseggscraftberrybush-320x320 Watercolor Flowers, Butterflies and Ombre from Craftberry Bush

Painted Brown Eggs Paint Pen from Kaley Ann

easter-eggs-to-chalk-your-wishes-on-them-1-500x745 Chalkboard Paint from Shelterness

You may also need…

indexHow to Blow Out Eggs

break_01267_xlPerfect Hard-Boiled Eggs

6a00d8341ce0e353ef01156eca0531970c-600wiShell-free Colored Eggs from Barefoot Kitchen Witch

Easter-Deviled-Eggs-300x300Dyed Deviled Eggs

CI0103_Classic-Deviled-Eggs.jpg.rend.sni12col.landscapeClassic Deviled Eggs

classic-egg-salad-930x550Classic Egg Salad

And, if you’re looking for sweeter ways to celebrate the holiday, check out the following recipes:

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