Cookie-Stuffed Birthday Cake Bars + 100th Post

Cookie Stuffed Birthday Cake Bars 13

Chai and I are very excited about this post because it’s an amazing, delicious recipe (obviously) but also because it is our 100th post! How exciting! What better way to celebrate than with a birthday cake of sorts? This cheat recipe transforms a few store bought ingredients into rich, chewy funfetti bars with sprinkly frosting-filled chocolate chip cookies in the middle and even more funfetti frosting on top. It’s sure to be a hit any day of the year!

Cookie Stuffed Birthday Cake Bars 2

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Brownie Pops + National Cake Pop Day

Brownie Pops 8

I’m posting this recipe in honor of what is possibly Cake Pop Day. Read on for more about that! These super rich and chocolatey brownie bites are stuck on a lollipop stick, dipped in even more chocolate and covered in all kinds of toppings. You can prepare the brownies using the mold I reviewed earlier in the month or in a mini muffin tin.

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Caring for Your Cast Iron Skillet

My mom sent me home with a cast iron skillet at some point. I stuck in the back of a cabinet and haven’t thought about since. Recently, I remembered its existence and thought I might give it a shot. But where to begin? How does this not already nonstick pan even work? Can’t I just use an already nonstick pan? The nice thing about a cast iron skillet is that it can go from stove top to oven giving you a lot of flexibility while preparing a dish. I first used this pan on a French toast dish that involved cooking up a yummy brown sugar topping on the stove top and then baking the egg-drenched bread in the oven. Instead of using multiple pans and making a mess, I was able to use just one! So it has it perks. But the necessary care for a cast iron skillet is different from your other pans.

Apple Butter French Toast Bake 12

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Devil’s Smile Nutella Bundt Cake + Lucifer

Devil's Smile Nutella Cake 6

What do you desire more than anything else in this life? Chocolate. More chocolate. All the chocolate. And world peace. In that order. This is probably the least appropriate recipe title and discussion topic for an Easter-related post but this is my blog and I do what I want. I’ve been obsessed with new Fox Monday night show, Lucifer. He’s all about fulfilling your deepest, darkest desires and this cake definitely does that. There is an obvious connection here.

This all-the-chocolate bundt cake is a riff of my mother’s go-to party cake, a triple chocolate bundt cake made with chocolate cake mix, chocolate pudding mix, a bag of mini chocolate chips and not much else. I’ve created a from-scratch version because, while I had no cake mix in my milk crate pantry, I did have flour, sugar and cocoa. I also added Nutella and Greek yogurt (Surprise health!) for extra richness. Top with more Nutella and chocolate treats for a strong all-the-chocolate finish. This recipe got the stamp of approval from my grandparents who are familiar with my mom’s chocolate cake and all other manner of sweets!

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Easter Cookie Nests: 1 Dough, 5 Ways + Christian to Secular Easter Traditions

Easter Cookie Nests pin

This customizable cookie ‘nests’ are an easy way to please the whole family. Instead of making up a few different cookie doughs so everyone can have their fav, just make one base dough and then pick sugar, chocolate or peanut butter cookie add-ins. Swirl together multiple flavors for extra cookie excitement. Fill the baked cups with whatever egg-shaped candy you prefer. Read on for step-by-step instructions and today’s history lesson all about Easter traditions.

happy easter

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Sponged Nail Polish + 31 Other DIY Dye-Free Easter Eggs


I decorated some eggs for Chai and I this year but I didn’t feel like messing with the dye tablets and mugs and wire devices and all of that nonsense. We decorated our eggs by marbling them with nail polish. As you can see, we have an insane amount of nail polish! Read on for how we beautified our eggs and for 31 other ways to paint, cover and otherwise decorate your Easter eggs without dye!

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Mint Chocolate Martini + Irish Civil War

Mint Chocolate Martini 2

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day and welcome to our final post of Green Week. My previous post was for the kids but this one is for the grown-ups. We’ll give a brief explanation of the Irish Civil War and the events leading up to it. In fitting with a bitter topic, a bitter drink. A green, mint chocolate martini which can be served alone and chilled or heated with chocolate.

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