Our Growing Edge – January 2016

SweetMeets in Our Growing Edge January Round Up


New year, new idea, new start, new recipes.

This month’s theme was ‘Random yet creative’ which called for contributors to share their cooking, any original recipe that they created from anything random they came across in their fridge or supermarket shelves.  In short, just last minute meals, something they throw together with whatever ingredients available.

Here’s the round up of all the creations we received for the month.

We started with sweets.  White Chocolate Cookies to Middle Brownies, Mochi Toasts and Strawberry Shortcake.

Then came the savouries.  Baked mayo cheese mussels and Cosy Winter Soup followed by Potlikker as starters.

The mains included Beef Short Ribs, Quick dinner made with Butter Chicken Sauce while on the move and Student’s style ‘seafood’ fried rice.

If you are looking for something to munch in between meals, we have Strawberry Lemonade Tart, A desert to twist your tongue and

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