Customizing Your KitchenAid Stand Mixer

Fiestyfied KitchenAid Mixer 1

So I’m super excited about my stand mixer. Like, way more excited than any college student has ever been about a kitchen appliance. I’m totally normal. To show my mixer how much I love it, I got it some stickers. This post explains how to decorate your mixer with decals and also some other ways to customize your mixer.

When thinking about how to customize your mixer, you must first become one with yourself. What describes you and what you want to do in the kitchen? What would you enjoy seeing every day or at least every time you use your mixer? Will it be certain animals, certain colors, a certain recipe? I wanted my mixer to have a cute but tough look – the kind of tough that you can’t take seriously at all. It’s just like me!

Fiestyfied KitchenAid Mixer 5

  1. Vinyl decals

I bought decals from two Etsy shops. The slogan on the top of the mixer reads ‘I bake because punching people is frowned upon.’ It came from Iinky. The cupcakes and crossbones came from Good Golly Graphics. Thanks to these Etsy sticker gods for helping me personalize this mixer! I still have some left to decorate other stuff!

Fiestyfied KitchenAid Mixer 4

Make sure your mixer is totally clean and dry before you start. I only put the decals on the body of the mixer, not on the mixing bowl.

Flip the sticker upside down so the gridded backing paper is on top. Rub your fingers or a credit card over the entire surface in order to stick the sticker to your transfer paper.

Flip the decal right side up and peel the transfer paper off of the backing paper.

Stick the transfer paper back on the backing paper. This ‘pre-peel’ will make it easier to attach the decal properly. Mine had lots of tiny pieces so it was important to stick them to the mixer all in one go.

Peel the backing paper off of your decal and press the decal and transfer paper onto your desired location.

Slowly peel away the transfer paper, flattening the decal with a credit card as you do.

If any creases remain, run your credit card over the crease to push out the air bubble.

Other fun decals from Etsy.

il_570xN.597216361_424w Potions Master from GoodMommy

il_570xN.712261924_6eixHoney Bee from InGoodCompany

il_570xN.793112422_bqc7Cute Little Kittens from MilkMugDesigns

il_570xN.905591698_k7li  Cookie Monster from LostGifts

  1. Paint your mixer

Again, make sure your mixer is squeaky clean and dry before starting. This method is more involved because you’ll have to dismantle your mixer. Check out this super helpful tutorial with photos from Apartment Therapy.

  1. Paintable clings

Go all Martha Stewart on that shit. Literally. With her paintable gel clings. You’ll need both the clings and a specific type of paint also provided by her company. These are all a little fussy for my taste but no judgement if you’re into that kind of thing. Check out this awesome video tutorial on her site for more info.

Some available clings:

$_57Rose Bouquet

718DT-Ymu+L._SL1200_Butterflies and Blossoms

PD_33263_1Ornate Flowers

PJ_4620_1  Flowers and Leaves




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