Your Heart Shaped Box Door Hanger

Heart Shaped Box Doorhanger 1

This is my first SweetMeets Life crafting post! A quick description of how to transform a heart shaped box of chocolates lid into a cute, totally customizable Valentine’s Day door hanger. I’m so excited! I was hesitant about opening up another section of the site because my original idea was just to focus on dessert recipes. But since I’m so cheap frugal, I also make a lot of my own beauty products and home décor. I figured why not share these ideas with the world, too?

Anyway, onto the project! I like to buy myself a pretty box of chocolates the week after Valentine’s Day when everything is on clearance. Many large chocolate boxes are generally leftover because, let’s be real, guys are mostly clueless and cheap when it comes to this holiday. If you’re lucky enough to get a fancy box of chocolates from your valentine then more power to you! You can use that. For this heart-shaped door hanger you’ll need the following:

The clean lid to a heart-shaped box of chocolates, preferably at least 1 foot long

About 3 feet of decorative cloth trim or ribbon

Hot glue gun

Additional decorative such as feathers, stickers, ribbons, tissue paper, glitter or other sparkly bits

Using your hot glue gun, attach the length of trim or ribbon to the lid as pictured below. Remember to leave several inches of ribbon at the top of the heart (on both sides!). You will use this extra ribbon to hang your heart. Trim off any excess ribbon and allow the glue to dry.

Now the fun really starts! Remember those handmade Valentine’s Day mailboxes you would make in elementary school so your classmates could put valentines, candies and other goodies in them? You can go crazy decorating this door hanger just like you used to on those mailboxes!

Heart Shaped Box Doorhanger 9

I went the elegant route with my door hanger. For instructions on how to make ribbon flowers head to Tip Nut. I also stuck some sparkly bits on here. I pick shiny things up off the ground and hoard them like some kind of forest creature. I don’t have a problem. They really come in handy!

Heart Shaped Box Doorhanger 12

I doubled up my ribbon on the actual hanger for extra pretty and security.

Let the glue dry and you’re all set to hang up your decoration on the door.

Heart Shaped Box Doorhanger 13

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