Christmas Menu Plan and Family Time!


Home Sweet Home


I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas! I made it home to Cleveland despite my car problems. Both my siblings and their SOs made it back in time for Christmas morning. It’s been a long time since my folks had us all at home. I forgot to get a picture of all us because I’m lame so here’s some non-Christmas family pics.

Everyone enjoyed their Christmas cookies and I got a Kitchen Aid mixer. So exciting! I’ll be testing it out soon. My dad got my mom this painting she’s been in love with for a while. He actually built a frame to look like a TV and then wrapped it so she wouldn’t know what it was! Then he did this other weird stuff. He used to work for NASA so… that should be a sufficient explanation.



After presents we started the day off right with a yummy breakfast. Sour cream pancakes, bacon and cheesy scrambled eggs. The pancakes may sound odd but they’re delicious! The texture is so fluffy and the sour cream gives them a tangy taste similar to cheesecake.


Sour Cream Pancakes from The Pioneer Woman

Of course, we drank wassail all day.


Mama Mim’s Christmas Wassail from SweetMeets

For dinner, my Mom pulled out all the stops with roast beef, potatoes and carrots and scalloped corn. We had Christmas cookies and stocking candy for dessert!


Southwestern Crusted Roast Beef from Barefeet in the Kitchen


Oven Roasted Potatoes and Carrots

Candy Cookie Roundup 5

All the Cookies! From Me

Props to my Mom for feeding us all day!


On a sad note, our cat Clara is very ill with oral cancer. This is most likely our last Christmas with her. She lasted much longer than the vet expected but she is now having trouble eating, drinking and grooming. She is a very good cat, mother and grandmother. One of her babies, Pez, has been with her for his whole life. My mother’s previous husband found her living behind a dumpster of a restaurant where he worked over 12 years ago. She was crazy at first but she mellowed out and grew to love us.




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