Christmas Beauty Gifts Roundup

Homemade beauty products are a great gift for the holidays. These recipes are easy to follow but the results will look super complicated and fancy.

This year, I put together several care packages for the women in my family. They included lip balm, nail polish, dental care items and some of these edible beauty products. (Links are below the images.)

Cocoa Whip Body Cream 7 featured

Cocoa Whip Body Cream

Sunshine Scrub Sugar Cubes 5

Sunshine Scrub Sugar Cubes

Festive Soap 7 Featured

Pimp My Soap in Festive

Refresh Soap 3

Pimp My Soap in Refresh

homemade soap lavender chamomile coconut

Pimp My Soap in Soothe

This washcloth bundle is a cute way to wrap up some bath and beauty products for a loved one. Plus they can keep the bonus present! Just place a couple items in the center of the cloth, pull up the corners and tie with a ribbon. To include more items use a hand towel or even a bath towel. Much less wasteful than paper gift wrap!

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