Giant Candy Thumbprints, 3 Ways



I have a ton of candy leftover from my  Christmas cookies this year so I thought I’d use it up by making even more cookies! This recipe is super easy. Just a giant shortbread cookie piled with candy. I’ve included three candy combo ideas below: Toffee Cookie Crunch, Mint Lover’s and PB Lover’s. Of course, you can use any type of candy you like.

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End of the Rainbow Cereal Treats + History of Lucky Charms and Fruity Pebbles Cereals

End of the Rainbow Cereal Treats 11

End of the Rainbow Cereal Treats 13

These cutesy, colorful marshmallow cereal treats are perfect for a kid’s party or just to jazz up your boring, grown-up life. They contain two of my favorite childhood cereals, Lucky Charms and Fruity Pebbles, topped with white chocolate and rainbow sprinkles. They taste surprisingly amazing together!

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Mama Mim’s Christmas Wassail


This drink recipe is super easy and really elevates that cheap red wine you’ve been trying to get rid of it. Spiced and served hot, it is perfect for winter. This is my mom’s go to wintertime party drink!

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Christmas Menu Plan and Family Time!


Home Sweet Home


I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas! I made it home to Cleveland despite my car problems. Both my siblings and their SOs made it back in time for Christmas morning. It’s been a long time since my folks had us all at home. I forgot to get a picture of all us because I’m lame so here’s some non-Christmas family pics.

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Christmas Candy Cookie Roundup


Candy Cookie Roundup 10.JPG

Candy Cookie Roundup 6.JPG

I’ve baked the last of my classic candy-inspired Christmas cookies! Here is the full listing of recipes. Links to each recipe are below each picture.

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Willy Wonka Fruit Splats + History of Wonka Candy

Wonka Fruit Splats 6

These cookies are possibly the oddest cookies I have ever baked. They ‘splat’ or spread a little while baking and the melted sugar candies do interesting things. The blend of buttery cookie and tart, fruity candy is very unique. They are super cute and colorful though! The recipe is a basic sugar cookie plus Nerds and crushed Sweetarts and Gobstoppers.

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Carjacked Snickers No Bakes + Snickers History

Snickers No Bakes 9

I had intended to post this recipe earlier but someone stole my first set of Snickers bars along with my car. This is a message for the proud new owner of an oil-leaking, heatless, emergency brakeless, fried back shocks-having and literally crumbling into a pile of rust dust 2004 Jeep Liberty. While you’re enjoying your new gently used vehicle, I’ll be riding around town in a 2014 Toyato Corolla with heated seats, a GPS and a backup camera paid for by my insurance company. And while you’re enjoying a plain old regular Snickers bar, my loved ones and I will be enjoying these simple yet delicious chocolatey, peanut buttery, Snickers chunkety no bake cookies. So Merry Christmas to you too, carjackers, and remember… Santa is always watching.

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