Drunk Breakup Trifle

Drunk Breakup Trifle Done 2

After much deliberation, my first love and boyfriend of 4 ½ years and I went our separate ways. I have no personal experience with appropriate breakup protocol so I’m taking my cues from the depressing parts of rom-coms; treating my symptoms with chocolate, booze and Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. The following dessert/insanity combines all three. While your stomach will feel much worse after eating this, your other inside parts will feel much better.

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Drunk Breakup Trifle

  • Servings: 1 large
  • Time: 10 minutes
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Print


1 chocolate cupcake from your grandma (or other source)

¼ cup dark chocolate chips

¼ cup whipped cream-flavored vodka (This can be replaced with a few tablespoons of milk or heavy cream for a virgin version.)

1 tablespoon white chocolate chips

1 tablespoon semisweet chocolate chips

½ cup whipped cream

Ice cream, optional (I used Ben and Jerry’s Salted Caramel Core.)

Crushed fun size candy bar or additional chocolate chips, optional (I used a Crunch bar. The best bar.)


Crumble cupcake.

Combine dark chips and vodka. Microwave in 10 second intervals, stirring between until fully melted.

Layer ½ crumbled cupcake, ½ white and semisweet chips, ½ chocolate sauce and ½ whipped cream. Repeat, reserving a spoonful of chocolate sauce.

Top with ice cream and crushed candy bar or additional chocolate chips.

Top with remaining chocolate sauce.

Drunk Breakup Trifle Done 1 Drunk Breakup Trifle Done 3

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