Boozy Melted Caramel Apple

caramel apple alcohol party drink

Do you see caramel apple-eaters and internally mock them for needing a nutritious fruit to be their excuse to eat unnecessary amounts of caramel sauce? So do I. If you’re looking for a way to suck any and all nutritional value out of a caramel apple and then add booze to it, this is the drink for you.

I recently discovered flavored vodka and I’m obsessed with it! How do they get that flavor in there? Plain vodka is like… yluhg… so how do they make it taste so good? We may never know. But one thing I do know is that the recipe below is delicious and perfect for a chilly night. I combined UV Candy Bar vodka with my favorite fall drink, hot apple cider. Throw in some thick, golden caramel sauce and cinnamon sugar and you’re in business.

caramel apple alcohol party drink

If you are feeling guilty for removing the fresh, crisp apple from your caramel apple then you’re just as bad as the people you internally mock! Nevertheless, you may choose to serve your booze alongside a deconstructed caramel apple. Just slice one large apple and top with caramel sauce and chopped peanuts. Boom. Basically a health food. You’re welcome.

caramel apple alcohol party drinkcaramel apple alcohol party drink

Boozy Melted Caramel Apple

  • Servings: 1 drink
  • Time: 5 minutes
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Print


3 oz. apple cider

4 oz. chocolate and caramel flavored vodka (I used UV Candy Bar vodka)

2 tablespoons old-fashioned caramel dip

Cinnamon sugar, optional

Whipped cream, optional


Combine cider, vodka and caramel.

Heat for 1 minute and stir.

Heat for another 30 seconds or until warm.

Pour into cinnamon sugar-rimmed glass.

Top with more cinnamon sugar and whipped cream, if desired.

caramel apple alcohol party drink

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