Mint Chocolate Chocolate Chip Bread

I’m totally procrastinating right now! My boyfriend’s mom gave me her old bread machine and I just had to test it out! Forget studying. She was not sure if the machine still worked so I decided to test it on a yeastless, knead-free quick bread cycle. It came out well! I will definitely be testing out a yeast bread cycle soon. Don’t worry if you don’t have a bread machine, you can easily prepare this bread in the oven.

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Mini Ricotta Pancakes with Orange Blackberry Compote

Ricotta Pancakes with Orange Blackberry Compote 1

This is an action-packed week for me, including 4 days of work, 2 days of class, 1 midterm exam and 1 essay. Plus the check oil light in my car has been suspiciously on despite a recent oil change and all my bills are due next week. I’m totally freaked out! Being a grown-up is hard! Fortunately, being a grown-up has its perks. One of those being the ability to eat whatever the eff I want for dinner. You know what my favorite kind of dinner food is? Breakfast food. Home fries, bacon and cheesy scrambled eggs… Mmmm…

Ricotta Pancakes with Orange Blackberry Compote 1Ricotta Pancakes with Orange Blackberry Compote 1

Of course, no breakfast is complete without something sweet. What is breakfast if not an excuse to eat what is essentially a dessert first thing in the morning? This pancake recipe definitely fits the bill. It pulls out all the stops with a tart yet sweet OJ, blackberry and honey compote and a rich ricotta spread. The pancakes themselves are slightly less guilt-inducing with their mini size and use of whole wheat flour, egg whites, lower fat content milk and part skim ricotta cheese.

Ricotta Pancakes with Orange Blackberry Compote 1Ricotta Pancakes with Orange Blackberry Compote 1

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Matcha White Chocolate

drink matcha white chocolate

Hot chocolate plus matcha green tea… Officially, the best combo ever. If you’ve never had matcha I definitely recommend it. The taste is slightly smoky but sweet. It tastes unlike anything else. Matcha powder is pricy for a whole container but you’ll only ½-1 teaspoon at a time. For tea lovers, it’s worth the investment. Unlike other types of tea, the leaves have been ground to a fine, bright green powder that gets mixed in with the liquid instead of brewed with a bag. No waste! The sweetness of the white chocolate complements the unique flavor of matcha very well and what better for the upcoming cooler nights than hot chocolate?

drink matcha white chocolatedrink matcha white chocolate

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Boozy Melted Caramel Apple

caramel apple alcohol party drink

Do you see caramel apple-eaters and internally mock them for needing a nutritious fruit to be their excuse to eat unnecessary amounts of caramel sauce? So do I. If you’re looking for a way to suck any and all nutritional value out of a caramel apple and then add booze to it, this is the drink for you.

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Pimp My Soap in Soothe

homemade soap lavender chamomile coconut

Pimp My Soap in Soothing Lavender and Chamomile

While finishing my undergrad degree at the Ohio State University, I’m working part time as a cashier for CVS Pharmacy. It is very fulfilling and rewarding work. One of the very few perks of my job is occasional free stuff, including several bars of unscented Dove soap. It totally makes up for the low wages, lack of benefits and weekend/holiday hours.

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PB Candy Corn Jack o’ Lanterns

peanut butter corn bites jack o lanterns halloween candypeanut butter corn bites jack o lanterns halloween candypeanut butter corn bites jack o lanterns halloween candy

Candy corn is probably my favorite type of candy ever. This candy made from candy pays homage to the Halloween staple in the form of adorable bite-size jack o’ lanterns. A chewy filling, similar to nougat, is coated with white chocolate and can be decorated several different ways. Nut butters keep the combination of candy corn and white chocolate from tasting sickly sweet.

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Creamy Dreamy Hair Mask

creamy dreamy hair mask natural beauty diy easycreamy dreamy hair mask natural beauty diy easy

You’ll only need two ingredients to make this super simple DIY hair mask, a can of coconut milk and an avocado. I’m too cheap and lazy to get a regular haircut. This mask keeps my hair’s split ends and crispiness in check between salon visits. I use it every week! It is a natural, more effective and way cheaper alternative to the pricey, alcohol-laden masks typically available in stores.

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